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3 x Ring = 1227

Dec 24, 2019 - The 1227s won their third Buddy Bowl by besting the teen stars 104.30 - 74.28. They now join the 3-ring club with the Cougars and Ladybirds. Mira-cle Tanne-hill once again led the charge.

The 1227s plowed through the playoffs on the backs of unlikely heroes named Ryan Tannehill and Kenyan Drake, who averaged 25 and 20 points per game in the playoffs, respectively. They were big again in the Buddy Bowl. The team's first round draft pick, Alvin Kamara, finally decided to show up after turning in mediocre performances since week 3. The teen stars found out what real-life teams already know about Crab Legs -- he's profoundly inconsistent. After scoring 70 points over the first two rounds of the playoffs, he threw 4 picks (but still somehow managed to steal 7 points).

This was the record-setting sixth Buddy Bowl for the 1227s and the second Buddy Bowl for the teen stars. The 1227s also logged the franchise's 89th 100-point game, which is the most of any franchise -- the Birds are next with 76. Finally, and oddly, the 1227s became the first 5-seed to ever win a Buddy Bowl. A 3-seed (which the teen stars were) has never won a Buddy Bowl.


BB18: Homestead War

Dec 19, 2019 - The teen stars and 1227s combined for 270 points across their respective wins to reach Buddy Bowl XVIII. One thing is certain: this is means one more ring under their roof -- bringing the total to 4 between them

Buddy Bowl

Buddy Bowl XVIII Preview

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1227 Buddy Bowl

The Final Four was a shootout of epic proportions, with the winning teams combining for 270 points. But the FBRs and LOTs weren't slouching either. The average score for the four teams was 117. This differs from last year when no Final Four team broke 100 points. The 1227s and teen stars both started the season with losses, but have been quiet powerhouses since; they both finished 8-5. For those of you keeping score at home, the season previews had predicted these two teams would finish 8th and 10th. So, I guess I got it wrong this time.

(5) 1227 (8-5) vs. (3) teen stars (8-5)

The Homestead War comes to the Buddy Bowl! I wouldn't want to be in that house during this week leading up to the game. It's probably as cold as I imagine the situation to be between the spouses at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The two teams have a combined three rings -- the 1227s won in 2007 and 2013, and the teen stars won in 2015 (vs the JmBs, which is a forgotten fact). This the 1227s sixth Buddy Bowl appearance, which gives them the most in the history of the league (FBRs and Bums each have 5). As they say, this is not their first rodea. However, the 1227s have only appeared capable of beating the Bums in Buddy Bowls. This is the second Buddy Bowl for the teen stars.

Two weeks ago, the 1227s got the Tanne-hill Mira-cle. Well, last week, it was God's Plan for Saint Drake to score four TDs. In the other game, the teen stars rampaged the whole time with Crab Legs putting up Mahomes numbers. The teen stars beat the the 1227s in week 5, 125-91. That game was marked by huge performances from Aaron Jones and Will Fuller (35+ points each), while the 1227s also got performances of zero points from Mike Evans and -3.50 from Baker Mayfield. Neither will be able to do that to them again -- although I hear the teen stars have been leaving Post-Its around the house trying to convince the 1227s to pick up Mayfield because this is going to be his big week. His big chance at revenge -- since that seems to be Mayfield's big thing. But it looks like we will get to see the two hottest QBs in the league face off, Tannehill and Crab Legs. This game will probably be another high-scoring affair and the winner will probably get a 30 point game from somebody they least expect -- Kamara and Parker, I'm looking at you. teen stars by 2.


Final Four Previews

The last four teams are charter members of the League. That's happened only one other time in the last eleven years (that was in 2016 when the FBRs won it all). Last year was the year of the underdog, as all the lower-seeded teams won. This year is the year of the recent powerhouses. Even though they are charter member teams, three of them have only just won their first Buddy Bowl in the last 7 years. But, in fact, five of the last 7 Buddy Bowl winners are playing in these two games.

(5) 1227 (8-5) vs. (8) LOTFW (6-7)

History: Both teams have won two Buddy Bowls, so there is a decent chance that we'll get our third three-time champion (joining the Cougs and Birds). The LOTs are just two seasons removed from their last Buddy Bowl championship.The 1227s got off the schneid by winning their first playoff game since 2014 last week, but are no stranger to big moments as we can't forget they had the League's only undefeated season in 2007.

Keys to victory: After Yahoo had them down to a 12% chance of winning during the afternoon games, the 1227s got the Tanne-hill Mira-cle. They rallied past the Cougs on Sunday night and the stunned Cougs couldn't recover. The keys for the 1227s are easy. They need another miracle from Tannehill (then I think we'd also be able to nominate him for sainthood) and they need yet another miracle -- which is for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens defense to not do horrible things to the Jets. The LOTs really just need things to go as planned for Lamar & Co. Despite being an 8 seed, they actually probably should have been the favorite last week. LOTs by 5.

(2) The F*** Buddy Ryans (9-4) vs. (3) teen stars (8-5)

History: A truly remarkable factoid: the FBRs have been in 9 of the last 10 Final Fours and have been to the last three Final Fours. They been to five Buddy Bowls and won one. Needless to say, this isn't the FBRs first rodeo. There is probably no team that is closer to a king-maker than the FBRs -- they do a great job of sending teams not named the FBRs to Buddy Bowl glory. The teen stars have been much more efficient by winning a title (2015) after five Final Fours and one Buddy Bowl trip.

Keys to victory: After scoring over 100 points in 4 of their first 7 games (including 147 during their first meeting with the FBRs), they hadn't hit triple digits since week 7. They looked like a top seed last week, even though A-Rod wilted. It looks like the teen stars are going to mix it up this week and go with Crab Legs at QB instead. Match-ups may play a big role in this one and the teen stars have seven players on the road. The FBRs and Valyrians had one of the most exciting playoff games in recent memory last week as they battled back and forth. It had everything -- fumbles, a missed PAT, Jared Goff's five minute torrid love affair with interceptions, WRs attempting passes. Ultimately, the FBRs pulled out based on Deshaun Watson's trash time heroism. The keys for the FBRs are that they need the teen stars to score fewer than 147 points and they need another 20+ point game from Watson as he takes on the Original Oilers. FBRs by 3.


Round 1 Previews

Star Wars has become our standard Round 1 sponsor. For the last few years there has almost always been a Star Wars moving coming out in December. This year is especially important with the last of the "Skywalker" movies coming out. But don't worry, there will likely be many more on other aspects of the Star Wars universe, such as why couldn't the scientist that developed light-speed travel also create walkie talkies for Hoth that have better range than the ones my kids have? However difficult it is to say, these playoffs will probably be remembered by history as the equivalent of Episode II: Attack of the Clones, since for the first time ever, neither the Birds nor Bums are in the playoffs.

(1) Metrosexuals (9-4) vs. (8) LOTFW (6-7) -- The Metros were on this line last year as the 8th seed and made it all the way to their first Buddy Bowl (to lose to the Birds). The top seed has won the Buddy Bowl 7 times, which means there are good odds the Metros will be back. However, the LOTs say "never tell me the odds!"Despite the lowest seed, the LOTs have Lamar Jackson and have scored the second-most points in the league. The LOTs also beat the Metros twice this season -- scoring 250 points across the two games. In other words, it's a trap! But the Metros are the best team in the league until further notice. Metros by 3.

(2) The F*** Buddy Ryans (9-4) vs. (7) Valyrian Steelers (7-6) -- Of all the games, this one most has the feel of Wampa vs Tauntaun. (For those of you not follwing the ancient religion of Star Wars, the Wampa is a snow beast that beats down a kangaroo-like animal). The FBRs have the third-highest point total in the league, while the Valyrians have the least points among playoff teams. The FBRs have had some clunkers in the last month, but it seems Deshaun Watson has reconnected with Force. The inconsistency of the Valyrians QBs and Steelers cohort would make even George Lucas blush after having made the inconsistent mess that is the prequels. The FBRs beat the Valyrians 63.33-62.80 in week 11.These two team also had a playoff game two seasons ago when the Valyrians lost to the FBRs in the second round after winning their first ever playoff game. FBRs by 7.

(3) teen stars (8-5) vs. (6) PlazaPlayas (7-6) -- This is a great 3 vs 6 match-up. The Plazas are on a 5-game winning streak. The teen stars come in as the higher seed, but the Plazas beat them twice this season, by averaging 109 points in the two games. Yahoo seems to think that Mahomes and Rodgers will score a total of 41 points playing the Patriots and Redskins, respectively. This is like thinking the Rise of Skywalker will make $100 million at the box office its first weekend. Yes, that's nice, but it's probably only about half right. And for the teen stars, if Rodgers isn't scoring, then Aaron Jones likely will. The Plazas have a couple of tough match-ups, but also get to have a defense vs the Dolphins, which may not be as tasty as it once was, but is still a great draw. This game will like have both teams go over triple digits. teen stars by 2.

(4) Cougars (8-5) vs. (5) 1227 (8-5) -- In recent memory, the Cougs have had the same playoff success as stormtroopers shooting at Han Solo. They haven't won a playoff game since they won their last Buddy Bowl -- in 2014. But they come into this game after winning 3 straight in playoff-atmosphere games in the end of the season. Like the Millennium Falcon, the Cougs roster may not look like much, but it's got it where it counts. Russell Wilson is quietly the 2nd highest ranked player in fantasy this year, and Allen Robinson already got them 17 points on Thursday night. The 1227s have been managing an unlikely QB controversary between Josh Allen and Tannehill. They also have been cruising with Kamara putting up only decent numbers, but he faces maybe his toughest matchup this week. The 1227s beat the Cougs in week 8, 111-83. The richer history is the playoff games between these two -- namely the Buddy Bowls in 2008 and 2010 which were both won by the Cougars. Cougs by 4.

The Final Countdown

Dec 7, 2019 - The playoff field is set after we settled that the Metros are regular season champions and the Valyrians are the last team in, after vanquishing the Birds. Everything else was pretty much determined by Halloween.

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