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Jumbone Game of the Week

Jumbone Debacle of the Week

Metrosexuals (128.33-107.10) vs PlazaPlayas

Who would have guessed this was going to be the game of the week? A-Rod sent a message to the League that he's not done yet as his 30 points rallied the Metros to a big win.

The Haboobs (69.08-81.08) vs Ladybirds

Letting the Birds get a win out of a performance like this will always get a bad Jumbone. The Haboobs failed to sweep the leg and ended up getting kicked in the face.

Week 2

Valyrian Steelers (157.98-83.06) vs The F*** Buddy Ryans

One year removed from their Season Preview jinx, the Valyrians started out of the gate pretty quickly. This was the third-highest performance by a team in league history.

JoeMorrisBavaros (73.88-101.73) vs Plaza Playas

The worst player on the Valyrians was the kicker, who scored 7 points. The JmBs just offered half their roster in a trade for him because he would be a star on the JmBs.

Week 1